How to join

In order to achieve the status of SLOW CITY you need to accept the guidelines of the Cittaslow International, which as the main value indicate the valorization of the city themselves as well as the cultural, environmental, social and economic conditions.

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The mandatory procedure that a city must complete before obtaining membership in the association is to prepare a self-assessment, which includes detailed criteria grouped into seven areas. Based on the analysis of this document, decisions about membership are made at the national and then international level (certification). Cities re-assess themselves every 5 years (recertification), on the basis of which their membership in the movement is renewed. The renewed self-assessment aims to indicate development progress in small towns, in relation to previously declared actions and plans. The substantive verification is carried out by a commission specially appointed for this purpose, consisting of mayors of member cities and representatives of the National Scientific Committee.

To join the movement city must evaluate their own resources such as: the environment, quality of life, urban infrastructure, public services, hospitality, crafts, local products etc. SLOW CITY it is a small town located away from the big metropolis, industrial areas and surfeit of modernity. In a world of constant pursuit for material values should be an oasis of peace and harmony, where life goes slower but better.

Characteristics of the city of Cittaslow

Slow City it is a place friendly to their residents, where the main value is the harmonious pace of life in line with: the development of the urban tissue and the range of services , implementation of new technologies aimed at improving the environment and the availability of e-services.

It is a small, charming enclaves where You can meet old crafts, goods based on regional products, high-quality regional food and accommodation facilities.

The requirements:


Only the city of less than 50 000 inhabitants can become Cittaslow, except for other legitimate decisions of the Associations.


Membership is awarded to cities whose applications will be accepted by the Cittaslow International authorities. The main conditions is to fulfilled at least 50% of all requirements (self-assessment criteria) described in 7 areas. City must follow at least one of the parameters in each area.