Meeting with Przemek Kossakowski in Morąg

01 Mar 2024

“The Municipal Public Library in Morąg is pleased to invite you to a meeting with Przemek Kossakowski – journalist, traveler, author of the books “On the border of the senses” and “A minor inattention and other stories”, creator of the series of programs “Kossakowski. The Sixth Sense”, “Initiation”, “Initiation”, “Down The Road”. What are we going to talk about? It depends on our audience! At the beginning of the meeting, the audience votes democratically and will have a real influence on the course of the meeting by the end. “What kind of vodka do ghosts like?”, “From birth to death”, “Altered states of consciousness”, or maybe just “Down The Road”? An interactive journey through the author’s years of experimental experience in various corners of the world, expanded with stories from the latest book. You’re welcome!


The meeting will take place on March 11, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. in the Multifunctional Room of the Municipal Public Library in Morąg. Free tickets are required for the event and are available at the library.
Rules for issuing entry tickets to the meeting:
1. Entry to the meeting is possible only upon presentation of a ticket.
2. Tickets to the meeting are free of charge.
3. Tickets are issued from February 28, 2024.
4. Entrance tickets are issued only by the NASTKA Youth Department (1st floor) during the department’s opening hours.
5. The number of tickets is limited.
6. A signature on the list is required when collecting the ticket.
7. Ticket reservations can be made by phone at 89 757 11 12 or by e-mail:, provided that the ticket is collected no later than the next day during the library’s opening hours.
8. If the reservation is not collected within the specified time, the ticket is returned to the pool of available tickets.
9. In special cases, the Municipal Public Library in Morąg reserves the right to change the regulations for issuing tickets.
10. Any changes will be announced on the library’s Facebook page.

Project co-financed by the BGK Foundation under the “Generation 6.0” program – 6th edition.