Spectacle – More than the wind

11 Jun 2024

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We invite you to the performance of the IOTA Theater Foundation – June 15, 2024 – Saturday – 6.00 p.m., Orangery of Culture in Lidzbark Warmiński, Krasickiego 2.

The heroes of the play are three characters: Ropemaker and two characters/allegories, the internal voices of the main character: Thread and Pętla. Human life is presented, carried by poetry, love and wind. These “elements” lead you through bumps, walls, darkness and other obstacles.
The performance is carried out in an interdisciplinary formula, and the basic articulations of the artistic concept are expressed within the means of expression of dramatic theater and movement theater.



Directed by: Zbigniew Waszkielewicz
Scenography: Teresa Wasilewska-Bieniek
Music: Bogdan Mizerski
Choreography: Piotr Frąckiewicz
Light: Bartłomiej Łuczków
Sound: Piotr Frąckiewicz
Performers: Izabela Frąckiewicz, Katarzyna Boronowska-Phillips, Zbigniew Waszkielewicz

Important information: reservation required – oranzeria@lidzbarkw.pl. Tel. 517 262 146