The idea of Cittaslow International is to promote a culture of good, harmonious life in a smaller towns as an alternative to the agglomeration and ongoing globalization. Cities associated in the network seek to the sustainable development and conscious urban policy providing appropriate relationship between economic growth, environmental care and improving good quality of life of the residents.

Cittaslow members show what is local and specific to their surroundings. They also promote ecological attitudes and take care of the historic urban tissue to give solidarity with past and future generations.

What are the goals of Cittaslow movement?

  • sustainable development of small towns, using local resources,
  • improving the quality of life of inhabitants through the creation of urban infrastructure and places of rest and recreation,
  • environmental protection and promoting environmental attitudes among the residents,
  • care of the urban historic tissue, restoration of monuments and the aesthetics of cities,
  • the culture of hospitality also by providing a rich cultural and recreational offer for residents and tourist,
  • promotion of local product and articles as well as local crafts and cuisine,
  • elimination of architectural barriers that hinder the movement of people with disabilities,
  • reaping from the modernity achievements and newest technologies that can be used for the objectives of the movement of “urban quality of life”,
  • improving the work of local administration and adopting the institution’s work to the resident’s needs.

„Slow City” is a quality brand for small communities. Begin "slow" doesn't mean lag. It means the use of new technologies to make towns and cities will become an ideal place to live.

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