Exhibition under the slogan #STOPdepression

15 Mar 2024

“The Gallery of Local Creators located in the Adults’ Department of the Municipal Public Library in Morąg will host a unique exhibition on March 15-29, 2024, which is part of the activities taking place in our city under the slogan #STOPdepression. Below is a description of the exhibition and auction related to the works from the event organizers:

“Depression can affect anyone… Yes, it is there somewhere… when it affects one of your loved ones, it is no longer there… When you start talking, it turns out that you are not the only one, that there are a lot of people around who are struggling with this disease in ourselves, family, friends and it turns out how much we need support and conversation… Where to look for it when access to psychiatric and psychological help, especially in small towns, is very difficult or even impossible.


The exhibition includes works donated by donors and intended for auction. The aim of the auction is to raise funds to establish a support group for residents of the commune and city of Morąg struggling with depression and personality disorders.

We cordially invite you to the Adults’ Department on March 15-29, 2024 during the library’s opening hours.

Project co-financed by the BGK Foundation under the “Generation 6.0” program – 6th edition.