Festival of Books and Illustrations for Bigs and Littles TO PUT BETWEEN FAIRY TALES

10 Jul 2024

THE INAUGURATION of the 5th edition of the Festival of Books and Illustrations for Bigs and Littles, MIĘDZY BAJKI WŁOŻYĆ, organized by the Women’s Association “Miej Marzenie”, the Cultural Orangery in Lidzbark Warmiński and the Hotel Krasicki**** Guests for centuries, will take place on July 11 and 12, 2024 at the Cultural Orangery in Lidzbark Warmiński Lidzbark Warmiński.


11/07. 2024 – Thursday – 4:00 p.m. – WELCOME TO OUR FAIRY TALE, WELCOME TO WARMIA, WELCOME TO THE FESTIVAL art workshops for children, teenagers, adults, entire families, seniors and all lovers of art workshops.
The workshops will be led by an excellent artist from Warmia, Agnieszka Markowicz.
During the classes, we will creatively transform festival symbols and perform them using various techniques on various materials. There will also be Warmian accents, because our Festival takes place in the historic capital of Warmia.



12/07/2024 – Friday – 16:00 – JANUSZ STANNY AND TERESA WILBIK IN THE KINGDOM OF ILLUSTRATION – We invite all lovers of books, illustrations and our Festival.
We will meet Kasia Stanny, who will present her recently published book, which still smells of printing ink. In it, he describes the lives of his parents – excellent graphic designers and book illustrators – and his memories related to them. And everything happens against the fascinating background of the fate of post-war Warsaw.

In addition to the presentation of the book, an important accent of the INAUGURATION will be the OPENING OF THE EXHIBITION – JANUSZ STANNY FOR CHILDREN, presenting a selection of the Artist’s works that were included in well-known and liked children’s books as well as books written by him. For adults, it will be a great opportunity to see original illustrations remembered from their childhood.


Important information: reservation required: oranzeria@lidzbarkw.pl or
by phone: 517 262 146.