International management of the Cittaslow network in Reszel

18 Apr 2023

The spring meeting of the International Coordinating Committee of the global network of Cittaslow cities took place last Saturday in Reszel. The place was not chosen randomly because Reszel is the first Cittaslow town in Poland. History has come full circle because it was at the Reszel castle in November 2005 that the letter of intent regarding the establishment of the Polish Network of Cittaslow Cities was ceremonially signed. The initiative, which initially brought together 4 founding towns (Reszel, Bisztynek, Biskupiec and Lidzbark Warmiński), has in recent years grown into a partnership that operates dynamically in the region and country.

Participants of Saturday’s meeting discussed the planned network projects (Cittaslow Mobility, Cittaslow Metropolis Cittaslow Area), the role of the association in the everyday life of local communities and pro-ecological activities related to the global climate crisis. In an open vote, the new vice-president of Cittaslow was elected – Jos Hessels – mayor of Echt-Susteren (Netherlands). The supporting member was represented by Mrs. Jolanta Piotrowska. A report on activities related to the promotion of the Copernicus Trail and the figure of the Great Astronomer was presented by Jacek Kostka – National Coordinator of the Polish Network of Cittaslow Cities. The proceedings were broadcast live to the Internet to enable other members of the management board to actively participate in the meeting. In addition to the Polish and Italian delegations, representatives of the Turkish network from Antalya, Seferihisar and Finike participated in the meeting. The vice-mayor of the latter town received a certificate from the President of Cittaslow confirming their accession to the international family of cities with good quality of life. The German city of Selfkant also became a new member of the network. Thus, the international network includes 290 cities from 33 countries around the world. According to the announced schedule, the next meeting of the management board will be held in October this year. in the city of Seferihisar (Türkiye).