Ksielice in the Cittaslow network after the meeting in Italy

21 Jul 2022

After a two-year break, members of the International Association of Cittaslow Cities met in Orvieto, Italy.

During the two-day meeting, members of the association discussed the strategy for the coming years, the role of the association in the everyday life of local communities and implemented and planned projects. Changes have been made to the provisions of the international statute.

In his speech, the national coordinator of the Polish Network of Cittaslow Towns, Jacek Kostka, thanked the members of the international network for the support and humanitarian aid that Poland received for refugees from Ukraine staying in Cittaslow towns.

He was also unanimously elected as the first deputy president of Cittaslow International, which is a huge success of the Polish structures of the association.

Jolanta Piotrowska, member of the voivodeship board, presented the secretary general of the network, Pier Giorgio Oliveti, with a distinction on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Polish National Network of Cittaslow Cities. In her speech, she invited Cittaslow members from around the world to take part in a knowledge competition about the life and achievements of Nicolaus Copernicus, whose 550th anniversary of birth will be celebrated in 2023.

In the next edition of the international competition “for the best practice in Cittaslow cities – CHIOCCIOLA ORANGE 2022”, the award went to Lidzbark for the square and the Cittaslow cafe (the only cafe in the world in the shape of a snail, which is the logo of the chain). The award was personally received by the mayor of Lidzbark – Maciej Sitarek.

From the president of Cittaslow International, the national coordinator received a certificate confirming Kisielice’s accession to the international family of cities with good quality of life. Thus, the Polish network, now with 36 towns, is still the second largest force in the world, and another city is close to the network – Golub-Dobrzyń.

In addition to the Polish and Italian delegations, the meeting was attended by representatives of national networks from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Northern Cyprus, the USA and, for the first time, Croatia.

According to the proposal of the Polish Cittaslow Network, one of next year’s Coordinating Committees is to be held in Warmia and Mazury.