Primary School 2 in Dobre Miasto promoted Copernicus and Cittaslow.

16 Feb 2024

Primary School No. 2 named after Nicolaus Copernicus in Dobre Miasto in 2023 – the year of the school’s Patron – has completed many interesting and spectacular tasks with the involvement of not only the entire school community, but also the wider environment. In addition to many competitions for students, in June 2023, the Copernicus Gala was held in Dobre Miasto with the participation of invited guests, during which, among other things, COPERNIK 2023 statuettes were awarded to students in the following categories: Most active student, Best friend, Class with rules, fragments of the show were shown. puppet show prepared by students, teachers and parents, as well as take part in a city game with a Copernican theme. The school left a lasting mark on the completed tasks in the form of a film and a city game.

The play “Happy Stars of Copernicus” was released on a DVD which was given to all schools in the Olsztyn district. The film is an attractive educational material for students, as well as an inspiration for schools to undertake similar activities. Self-made puppets and scenography, costumes and narrators’ scenes in the beautiful interiors of the Dobre Miasto basilica and collegiate church create a unique atmosphere of the Renaissance. The performance not only presents threads from Copernicus’s life, but is intended to inspire viewers to imitate the great scientist in his diligence, perseverance, putting his heart into developing his passion and persistence in achieving his goal.
The last project task was to develop the city game “Copernicus in Dobre Miasto”. In the seven most attractive points of Dobre Miasto, there are signs with QR codes, under which there are recordings with information about the player’s location, fragments of the performance about Copernicus and questions about the film. The correct answer redirects the game participant to the next station. Everyone can take a nice walk in the spirit of the Cittaslow idea, learning about the history of the monuments of Dobre Miasto, which is located on the Copernicus Trail, and facts from the life of the great astronomer.
The implementation of all tasks was possible thanks to funds obtained by the “Nasza Dwójka” Association – GN “Sisters of Copernicus” in the competitions of the NOWEFIO Program – Warmia and Mazury Lokalnie 5 and “Act Locally 2023” announced by the Local Action Group “Warmiński Zakątek”.